I am not much of a shaver, I don't have time for it, I don't have enough to really shave, but to let it go it just looks a bit ratty. So I duly run the Braun over face ever morning, unconscious, like driving home for Thanksgiving dinner. I can do it, I don't need to think about it. Every now and again I will cut myself, or will have a pimple (am I through with puberty yet?), and it will get cut and I will bleed a bit.

I remember Dan every time I do that. One day we had soemthing big to do, and Dan came in dressed in business formal, as he always did, with toilet paper clotting his wounds. I thought they only did that in the movies and on the Simpsons. I guess that Dan could tell what we were looking at, and he just blurted out "And of all things on the day that we have this big presentation, I have to go and try to commit suicide with my electric razor."

He said it so matter of factly, with his usual energy (very high) and animation (greatly animated) and at 100 mph, that perhaps he didn't realize
how funny that seemed.

We laughed and laughed. And Dan wasn't trying to be funny.

I tell my wife that story when she asks what I've done to my face, if I need new razors, or if I didn't have any shaving cream. I don't think she quite appreciates it like I do. I cherish it, along with many other "Dan's".

David Holden

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