Dan will forever live in my memory as the kid who was not afraid to get all dressed up on St. Patty's day in a pair of knickers, bright green blazer, shamrock tie, and a little black shillelagh. He would stand at the top of the footpath that led to the main classroom building of our high school and greet the entire student body as they arrived on any March 17th. It did not take long to realize that Dan McNeal, our class president, took being Irish very seriously at our school.

Being an Irishman, or at least an American born descendent of one, left him with a penchant for a fight. Being on the debate team and in student government gave him plenty of opportunities. In the late 80's Dan loved all things Irish and Republican. I'm sure he had a picture of Ronald Reagan somewhere in his bedroom. He was a living version of Alex P. Keaton, and he was always utterly unafraid to be himself. His self confidence in who he was is why I have always admired and respected Dan. Even during those most awkward teenage years, Dan was able to recognize what was best in himself and project it in a way where every one around him benefited.

Thank you Dan.

Mike LaVina

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