There are so many Dan stories...

A favorite story of mine...and I hope I have these details when Dan went on one of his first business trips with Sandler O'Neill. It was up to Boston for some schmoozing...something Dan never professed to do well, but then again, Dan never professed to do anything well (or even adequately) but he always exceeded all expectations. Anyway, he flies up to Boston (commercial) separately from the muck-et-y-mucks who take a charter flight. After a day of schmoozing over golf, I think, they invite Dan to join them on the charter plane for the trip back...obviously enjoying his company and schmoozing abilities...although Dan didn't tell the story that way. Upon boarding the plane, everyone realizes rather quickly that the charter only has enough seats for those who had taken it up...there was no where for Dan to sit for the flight back. He wanted to head to Logan airport, but they wouldn't hear of it...they'd make room. Well, Dan ended up sitting on "the John."


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