Just wanted to pass on the few memories of Dan that I can recall. Dan and I were never close, rarely hung out in the same crowds, but there was something about him that I admired. He had such a flare for life, for everthing he involved himself in. Whatever it was, he gave it his entire being.

For example: The voter registation drive we had senior year. I never gave much thought to politics or elections, to me that wasn't interesting. But there was Dan, running about talking it up, getting everyone information and trying his damnest to sway a few minds to his political views. But was even more profound, was the fact that no matter how much you disagreed with him on views, he never put you down for your opinions. He would argue till he was red in the face (wait..when wasn't he red in the face???), but he still respected you as a person, and never made you feel less of a person for seeing things differently. A true Don.

Also, on a minor note, rather humorous I think, was his reaction to the fall on Wall Street in '86 or '87'. Sorry, just got off a 12 hour shift, and can't thinks strait. We were all 15 or 16 at the time, and I just couldnt help but wonder why he was so upset and frazzeled. He would pace around the cafeteria holding a paper or magazine, looking as if someone kicked him right in nads. Again, this shows how dedicated he was, and that his endevours got his full attention.

I regret now that I have not been up to MD in quite a few years. I believe it was in 95, after the birth of my son. Then, I was stationed in FL, and since I have been to Korea twice for a year tour each, with 3+ years tucked in the middle in Phoenix. Now I'm back in FL. I came across his E-mail address some time ago, and had a few conversation via email with him. It was when he was at Georgetown I believe.

His passing struck me softly at first. But after I hung up with Andy Soulakis (he passed the news to me), and my wife came home, it hit me like a truck. Grief, anger, revenge all came over me at the same moment. I held my wife, and explained it to her. My only wish, other than his family find some comfort, is to be a part of whaever operations they have planned to rid the world of people who would do such acts, and then 20 years from now, sit around a table with you all, and share those stories.

I know that is not much in the way of memories. I wish there were more stories to pass on from me. Oh, just remembered how he would hog down some bratwurst at the German Club Brat's sales. He always looked to bolster the local economy, especially when he was fed from his donations. HAHA.

Anyways, God bless you all, and thanks for reading.

Chuck Godfrey

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