Dear Friends

I am emailing to let everyone know what is going on here in NYC. I know that this is a terribly incomplete email list of the many, many, many people that Dan has effected throughout the years. Please send this along to anyone you may feel would want to know of this little information.

After the horrific and tragic events at the WTC, a missing persons report was filled out today (9/13/01)at the "Missing Persons Command Center" at 468 Lexington Ave in NYC for Dan, on behalf of his family. I was advised at that time that all of the patients in the surrounding hospitals have been accounted for, with their family members contacted accordingly. Saddly, our friend Dan was not among them. There is no other new information than that. The investigating detective told us honestly, and respectfully that the only thing to do now, unfortunately was to wait, hope, and pray. Dan's family will be contacted when the NYC authorities discover any new information.

I can speak first hand to the goodness that Dan exhibited, which defined him as a person. Just last week, while discussing our (drastically) different political views he said to me, "Dave, at the basis of my political views is the belief that people as a whole are basically good, and probably smart." Dan is the "goodest" of them all.

Whatever the outcome, he will not be forgotten. For now, pray for miracles, and believe in Dan.


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