I remember freshman year Dan and I were talking about the words to Loyola's fight song with somebody, and he just belted it out right then and there. The whole damn thing.

Then four years later during another freshman year I had the honor to share with him, he sang BC's fight song with the same enthusiasm at the first football game of the season. But his was a slightly different version. In it, the lines

"For here all are one
And their hearts are true,
And the towers on the Heights
Reach to Heaven's own blue."


"For here the men are men
And the women are too,
And if you wanna get laid
You gotta go to BU!" (BC wasn't fully co-ed until 1970)

It was one of those great fall days when the team was winning, the sun was shining, a slight chill was in the air, and everybody was nice and buzzed from the morning tailgates. Imagine Dan singing that at the top of his lungs, red-faced, shaking his fist with school spirit, giggling like crazy. His giggle was so infectious none of us in the row could finish the song. I still sing it that way to this day.

Alex Houston

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