He was president of every class I was in, 7-12 grades. He was UNDOUBTEDLY one of the nicest, kindest, hard working, giving people I have ever met...to this day. Out of everyone in our class, he was the guy we all thought would really do something great. I think he was the only person in our school that really embodied everything the Jesuits and faculty tried to instill in us.

I saw Dan at the 10 year reunion after not speaking to him since we graduated, but it felt like it had only been days since we had spoken. He sat down next to me as we were eating, and we talked about where our lives had been and where they were going, and he seemed very excited about his future. He didn't want to talk much about what he was doing, though...he wanted to know what I was doing. That was the kind of guy he was. More concerned about other people than himself. Perhaps that's why he didn't make it out of the building, we may never know. The Jesuits always told us that Dons should be "Men for Others"....I really think Dan never forgot it, and truly did his best to live his life by it.

Pat Wescott

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