During our time at Loyola, people tended to hand out in the same circles or cliques. One of the things that I will always remember about Dan was the way that he treated people. He treated everyone with the same respect - in didn't matter if you were on the football team, chess club, forensics team, or no team at all. He always had time for a discussion no matter who you were. He always seemed upbeat, happy and always wore a grin. I wish I had better memories of a discussion or a moment that I shared with him, but I do not. I only can remember the kind of person that he was and strive to be that way myself. Treating everyone with the same level of respect. I also remember our graduation day and getting chills up my back while he gave an incredibly eloquent speech out in the hollow that day. I wish that someone had a copy of that tape and that I could watch that moment again. I, along with the rest of you, will miss Dan dearly. His memory will not be forgotten.

Ed Taylor

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