Upon reflection, I find the loss of Dan has hit me harder than I thought.

I get the feeling that my wife was picking up on it without me saying much.

It even strikes me funny, though, as Dan and I were not especially close. I think we always had a mutual respect for one another, as Dan did for so many he encountered. However, I still can not put my finger on why I feel this loss as much as I do. Like many fellow Dons and Jesuits, I can only assume it was Dan's personality. You did not have to be one of Dan's closest friends to feel like one of his closest friends. His energy (bordering on giving him a heart attack), his relentless pursuit of any endeavor on which he embarked, his emphatic hand shake and greeting - these were all the images that come to mind when I think of Dan. I know I will especially miss him at the Turkey Bowl Rally - a time when Dan would come back to Blakefield as if he were still Class President, walk around with beer in hand and greet each of us with his familiar smile and firm hand shake.

He will be missed...

Pat Monaghan,

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