Dan Mcneal was one of the very few people I had even run into since high school (excluding the 5yr reunion.) As usual, Dan has made something more personal for me. One thing that came to mind for me about Dan, was that he was so nice to me, and everyone else.(One of the nicest people, to this day, that I have ever met.) In highschool, I was a loner and didn't have much to say....didn't "fit in" very well. I didn't feel very included-my own fault, really. It was very hard for me. But, with Dan, when he was around, I did feel connected, a part of the class, included. Loyola definitely did something for me, and it was someone like Dan who helped that along-a true example of the "Men for Others" motto. After high school, I ran into him a number of times, and had the same feeling, being connected to Loyola, to the class of 1990, reminded that that there was something special about that place, the spirit there, that "time." I was in such a rush to get out of there, that I forgot to be grateful


Michael Shawn Headley

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