Thanks, Shannon, for sending us that message. It was very comforting. I hope you all will indulge my nostalgia for a moment. At a time like this, I've been thinking alot about the many special qualities about Dan, as his friend described so nicely in that letter. I'd like to share some
especially fond Dan stories that hit home for me.

First, was the incredible transformation he would undertake whenever he stepped in front of a group of people to speak publicly. How this mild mannered person could suddenly become so charismatic and capture an audience always surprised and impressed me. He had a true gift. My favorite example of that was when he was in a skit in our 2nd year Annual Report. He perfectly played the part of the serious entrepeneur earnestly relaying his substantial research and due diligence while trying to persuade an investor to fund his legitimate and well-planned business. Of course, despite his very impressive business plan and ability to rattle of numerous supporting figures, the investor instead chose to give the money to the very flaky entrepeneur who was starting up the online "Hot" e-commerce website.

Another story Rob Koes shared with me that reminds me of Dan's completely genuine nature occurred at the end of the 2nd year spring integrative course in Buenos Aires. A group of our classmates stayed over an extra night and were lounging by the luxury hotel's pool enjoying their last day before returning home. Apparently, Lou Bega, of "Mambo #5" fame, had been performing the night before and his sexy dancers happened to be staying at the same hotel and also just happened to come out to the pool and wow the GUMBAs. All of the Gtown guys were trying to play it very cool while enjoying their fantastic luck. Of course their understandable efforts were blown by Dan's who was nervously gesturing at the dancers while alternating between stammering and dropping his jaw to the ground.

Dan also was, of course, known for putting others before himself. Karen Yurchuck told me last summer how she and her parents bumped into him at church. They were rushing in late to a very popular Mass and trying to find a seat before they ran out. They saw Dan at the back of the church and asked him what he was doing there. He said he wanted to wait and make sure everyone, especially the older ladies, got a seat before he going to a pew. We could all be a little more like Dan in that way and others.

As we are all grieving this loss and those of so many others, we can take the gifts that Dan and others left us by treasuring and honoring their

God bless indeed.


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