Dear Michael and Kitty,

...if everyone in America (or the world) was/is like Dan, there would be no racism, bigotry and hatred. I'm a classmate of Dan's from Georgetown MBA and I'll never forget Dan's kindness and humanity.

It was barely a month after we started the program in August 1998 when Dan's kindness and humanity touched me. I bumped into Dan, after a "friend" who promised to give me a ride to have my computer fixed informed me that she couldn't. Dan had only said hello to me briefly, but he willingly offered to lend me the car to run my errand, when I asked whether he could give me a ride. Since he was busy during the time I needed to ran my errand, he offered me his car. Not only did Dan assume that I can drive and that I'm not a reckless driver, but he explicitly and implicitly trusted me. In the U.S. where African-Americans are always, consciously or unconsciously, viewed and treated with suspicious, it was so surprising and refreshing to get that type of reaction from, I would say, a stranger.

Dan was a saint! And he will go to Heaven. Thank you for raising such a wonderful person. I'm so glad to have known him.


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