These are stories, wishes, thoughts and letters sent to Dan's family and posted here with permission.

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Every pew was filled

his usual energy (very high) and animation (greatly animated) and at 100 mph

Stories of Dan typically end up looking like a resume.

he always had a smile on his face

a pair of knickers, bright green blazer, shamrock tie, and a little black shillelagh

Here's what I've come up with. Be good to one another.

a red power tie

I won't ever see his sweet face again, see his bright smile,
or hear him say something is "GREAT!!!"

Dan ended up sitting on "the John."

he would hog down some bratwurst at the German Club Brat's sales

a missing persons report was filled out today

singing at the top of his lungs, red-faced, shaking his fist

as he did in life, brought us together in death

He was president of every class I was in, 7-12 grades

He was intense in everything he did

out in the hollow that day

does he ever sleep?

a heart attack

I was in such a rush to get out of there, that I forgot to be grateful

How many of us today can still learn from this?

I never had the honor of meeting him

I have to express my shock, disbelief, and emotion of losing such an incredible soul.

he had the grippiest, arm-shaking-est, honest-to-goodness handshake you would ever want to meet

I know seniors aren't supposed to have crushes on freshmen - but I certainly had one on Dan


the way that it lit up his whole face and crinkled his eyes!

he will always be remembered with love and admiration by so many people.

nervously gesturing at the dancers while alternating between stammering and dropping his jaw to the ground.

He truly was a saint, an angel, a loving son, a giving friend and to me, a supportive hero and idol.

a kind, compassionate person, an excellent debater, and a gentleman

Dan was my best friend for 17 years and the godfather to my daughter

I have always dreamed that I would name my son Daniel.

lived life to the fullest

Thank you for such a wonderful gift

I had the privilege of knowing Dan

deeply saddened

We are all better for having known him, and with you we share a loss beyond measure.

kindest, most considerate people

no racism, bigotry and hatred

he must have been a truly special person for God to need him now for a more important task

I remember being at the pool and enjoying his company!

He was a good man

his bright personality, humor, and giving nature

" I'd prefer to leave mine on."

generous to a fault and a natural leader

looked at him as a brother


I remember his smile and warmth

horrible loss in such an equally horrific event

It was a look of awe, of disbelief that another human being could
be so thoughtfuland kind and generous and want nothing in return.

He was one of my go-to guys

he always had the ability to get us all together

the loss

On those times, he always had a smile for me.

this terrible time

He was our voice and our leader

May God touch you with comfort

I am so very sorry

he would light up any gathering with his huge, wonderful smile

chatting about business, life, and values

I feel priveleged to have known Dan

I have come to marvel at how the deep well of his kindness had no bottom

He was the most passionate and spirited Don on campus

my heart is heavy

Why I love Dan McNeal

Dan would have given someone his last dime.

Dan was my idol



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